If the Maryland gubernatorial election was held today, who would you vote for?

Past Poll Results

What is the best way to reduce crime in Prince George’s County?

Should Trump be indicted for storing classified information at Mar-a-Lago?

Should students who already paid off their loans receive a refund?

Washington Commanders want fan input on the team’s new mascot. Which one do you like best from their four categories?

What do you think is the biggest contribution to the teacher shortage in Maryland?

What are you more concerned about contracting: Monkey Pox or Covid?

How do you think the Washington Commanders will fair this season given all the controversy surrounding the team?

Do you agree with Republican lawmakers new proposal “The Unborn Child Support Act” which would require prospective fathers to pay child support from the moment of conception?

Putting aside who you voted for…who do you think is ultimately going to win the Maryland Governor’s race?

Do you agree with Hogan’s decision to suspend Maryland’s gun carry standard making it easier carry concealed guns?

Will the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade influence how you vote in the upcoming mid-term elections?

How has surging inflation impacted you most?

What are you most concerned about with the upcoming elections?

What are you most happy about with the recently passed PGC $5 billion budget?

What’s the best solution to reducing gun violence in schools?

Which political race are you most concerned about in Maryland?