Do you agree with PGC’s plan to offset a $60 million budget deficit with rainy-day funds to avoid raising taxes?

Past Poll Results

Over the next year, do you think that the average price of houses in your area will increase, stay the same or decrease?

Of the candidates who’ve launched a bid for Sen. Ben Cardin’s seat so far, who’s your favorite?

Now that cannabis recreational use is legal in Md., how likely are you to partake?

Would you say things in Prince George’s County are on the right track or wrong?

72% of PGC’s budget is paid for by residential property owners, with the other 28% coming from commercial revenue. In neighboring Montgomery County, the ratio is nearly the opposite. Why is that?

Do you support a townhouse moratorium in Prince George’s County?

Are you seeing ‘quiet quitting’ and people putting in less than minimal effort in your workplace?

How likely are you to use cash to pay for purchases in a typical week?

If the FBI headquarters project doesn’t land in PGC, what is the biggest reason why?

What’s your biggest concern of Md.’s legalization of recreational marijuana?

What’s your view of the growth of artificial intelligence in business?

Does your workplace offer a four-day workweek?

Do you think there should be a cap on rent increases in the DMV?

Now that $400 million has been allocated for development around the Blue Line corridor (Fed Ex Field), what would you like to see there?

What’s the most important issue to you in the upcoming Maryland General Assembly session?

Do you think Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) hurt minority businesses?