Now that $400 million has been allocated for development around the Blue Line corridor (Fed Ex Field), what would you like to see there?

Past Poll Results

What’s the most important issue to you in the upcoming Maryland General Assembly session?

Do you think Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) hurt minority businesses?

Is your business in a recession?

Which Republican has the best chance of being the party’s Presidential nominee in 2024?

Do you want a new Washington Commanders owner to change the name?

What key issue do you want Maryland’s next governor to address first?

Based on all the controversies, should the NFL remove Dan Synder as the owner of the Washington Commanders?

Who do you think won the Maryland gubernatorial debate?

Will you vote in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana use in Maryland this November?

Of the shortlisted sites for the future FBI Headquarters, where do you think it should go?

If the Maryland gubernatorial election was held today, who would you vote for?

What is the best way to reduce crime in Prince George’s County?

Should Trump be indicted for storing classified information at Mar-a-Lago?

Should students who already paid off their loans receive a refund?

Washington Commanders want fan input on the team’s new mascot. Which one do you like best from their four categories?

What do you think is the biggest contribution to the teacher shortage in Maryland?