Do you support modular homebuilding as a way to create affordable housing in Prince George's County?

Past Poll Results

PGC has identified New Carrollton Metro, Largo Town Center Metro and PG Plaza Metro as its next Downtowns. What South County area metro should be developed next?

What industry do you think has the greatest growth potential as a result of the FBI headquarters coming to PGC?

Does the Christmas season start after Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Do you believe government should regulate artificial intelligence?

Should PGC marijuana dispensaries be located in industrial areas instead of commercial areas like shopping centers?

Do you favor a tough-on-crime approach to youth violence?

Should PGC Council reconsider virtual voting to allow for a maternity exception?

Would you support a Governor Moore bid in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary?

Do you support the universal design approach in building new homes in PGC?

With stores threatening to leave the region because of theft crimes, what is the best way to fix the problem?

Based on recent trends, what do you think the predominant factor is in retaining employees?

Having heard the pros and cons on the townhouse moratorium bill in PGC, what is your position?

Now that U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has denied the Washington Commanders’ name trademark, should they come up with another name?

Do you agree with PGC’s plan to offset a $60 million budget deficit with rainy-day funds to avoid raising taxes?

Over the next year, do you think that the average price of houses in your area will increase, stay the same or decrease?

Of the candidates who’ve launched a bid for Sen. Ben Cardin’s seat so far, who’s your favorite?

Now that cannabis recreational use is legal in Md., how likely are you to partake?

Would you say things in Prince George’s County are on the right track or wrong?